All Things Bright and Beautiful

25th Feb 2015

This Spring has seen a hive of activity at Winning Works HQ. Our mantra is 'new, bright and beautiful'.  

We are steadily creating lots of beautiful new products incorporating shiny bright new materials like our slate and copper serving trays and slate, copper and brass clocks, which we will be launching very soon. We are also extending our colour range for our new painted wooden signs, using a bright and fresh colour pallet.

Little did we realise that 'new, bright and beautiful' would be so nostalgic.  Far from being new, we have found that the materials and colours we are using take us right back in time.

When shaping the strips of copper for the tray handles of our new copper and slate serving platters, I am transported right back to my childhood.  My Granda (yes, that it the correct spelling!) was a coppersmith. As we shape the copper handles, I remember with fondness the gentle tap tap tap as Granda raised flat sheets of copper into bowls and kettles, some of which are still used today.

When planning how to make some of our new items, we usually find there is a quick way and the correct way. We opt for the correct way. Perhaps we're influenced by the many hours Chris spent as a child exploring the hidden areas of the Cathedral where his Father was Organist.  The craftsmen who built it put as much time and effort into the small, hidden details as they did in the grand public areas.

We are always looking for ways to make our products quicker. But if speed compromises the quality of the end product, we're not interested.

Finally, at the time of writing, we are experimenting with a new bright colour pallet which includes orange, turquoise blue and vivid green. These colours have taken us right back to our childhood and youth.  I remember my Dad 'modernising' the wardrobe in our bedroom by painting it orange.  I made myself a turquoise blue trouser suit (yes, it had flares) and Chris's favourite shirt at art college was the same acid green as in our new colour pallet..

Returning to our mantra, All things may be new, bright and beautiful at Winning Works HQ, but it is based on firm foundations and a heritage of creativity and craftsmanship that goes back several generations.