Posted by Cathy, Mrs WW on 7th Oct 2018

Earlier this year we were commissioned to create an installation for the Royal National Institute for Blind People (RNIB). The installation was to acknowledge the people and organisations that had supported the refurbishment of the Talking Books Studios in Camden, London.

RNIB's idea was to have a series of 6 'book shelves'. We spent some time with our contact at RNIB developing their idea, exploring different sizes, finishes and text styles before agreeing the specification.

We used oak and ash for the books and ash for the shelves and engraved the names into the wood, filling with black enamel. We spent the day at RNIB, finalising the installation, meeting staff and were treated to a tour of the archive.


We were pleased to help, especially as my grandfather, David Pullar, had benefited from Talking Books services in the latter part of his life. I remember his excitement as his latest Talking Book arrived and the huge machine used to 'read' the books.

We were also delighted that we were asked to make a 'book' in memory of Granda to include in the installation. I'm sure he would be chuffed and proud to be represented. He was a creative and skilled coppersmith. We use some of his tools every day. We are so proud to carry on his creative legacy in our little business.


 To find out more about RNIB's work and their services, visit www.rnib.org.uk