Engraved Oak Memorial Stake

£50.00 - £56.00
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This solid oak pet memorial stake is deeply engraved with a name and date. It can be used to mark the final resting place of a pet, or makes a good marker for a special tree or garden, planted in memory of a loved one.

The oak memorial stake features a pointed base to assist with firming into the ground and a sloped top, so water does not sit on top of the stake and cause damage to the stake.

We offer two styles for the stake:  You can choose unfinished, raw oak or an oiled oak finish.

Raw oak can be finished yourself at home, or you can leave it in its natural state so it will gently weather and 'grey' over time. For the oiled oak finish, we apply two coats of an exterior oiled oak finish which has UV protection to protect you stake from the elements, both sun and rain.

Approximate Dimensions:  60cm tall x 6cm x 2cm