Engraved Slate Chicken Shed Sign

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These fun signs make great gifts for people who keep chickens or hens, be it on a farm, smallholding, garden or back yard.

We make these lovely signs in Derbyshire, using slate which we cut it by hand, treat it with Danish oil then engrave through the finish, leaving the engraved area in its natural state. Being engraved, the writing won't peel.

You have the option of holes drilled into the sides so you can screw your sign to your hen house or chicken shed. Or I can finish the sign with a galvanised steel rope which won't rust or rot. The steel rope also hangs more easily than a simple solid wire hanger.

These unusual pet signs are available in 'Cluckingham Palace', 'The Hen House', 'Happy Hens Lay Here', and 'The Chicken Shed' designs.


Dimensions:  25cm x 10cm approximately