Engraved Slate Heart for Mother's Day

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This engraved slate heart is a beautiful gift for a child or children to give Mum or Mummy on Mother's Day or her birthday.

We engrave the design deeply into the slate using traditional mechanical methods so it is permanently in the stone. It will be treasured for many years to come.

You can personalise all three lines of your sign. We suggest the child's or children's name(s) for the first line. On the second line, you could have Mum or Mummy, or for a grandparent, Grandma, Nana, or Grandmother's special name. You can then choose your own words for the third line.

Designed and engraved in our own workshop in the heart of Derbyshire, we are a husband and wife team and engrave each slate heart ourselves using traditional mechanical techniques, not laser etching. We finish off each slate with a deep pink suede lace. The heart is also fitted with bumper stops to protect the wall from scratches when it is hung.

Dimensions: 19cm x 19cm approximately