Engraved Wooden Sign for Dad

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Beautiful wooden engraved sign for Dad. A perfect gift for Dad's birthday or for Fathers' Day.

Please note. Bright Blue is no longer available.

These engraved signs are a modern interpretation of retro American signs and have a lovely classic feel.  The wood I use is chunky hardwood, creating a superior substantial sign.

The shadows and reflections created in the engraved area produce a lovely three-dimensional effect that you don’t get with flat painted or printed signs.

The signs are chunky enough to stand on their own on a shelf or mantelpiece and are fitted with an inset keyhole fixing so they can also be hung flat against a wall, door or fence.

For hanging in the garden, perhaps on a tree branch or on a garden gate, you can choose to opt for a galvanised steel wire rope hanger instead of the inset keyhole. The wire rope won’t rot and is flexible so is easy to hang. The positioning of the wire rope also means that it will hang flat against a gate or wall rather than leaning forwards or backwards.

Among the choices available are signs for Dad's Shed, Daddy's Garage, Dad's Office, Workshop and for the Chef of the family, choose a Dad's Kitchen or Diner sign.

I make these lovely chunky wooden signs from hardwood which I paint then engrave to reveal the natural colour and beauty of the wood. Each sign is treated with Danish Oil to protect it from the elements.

If the sign is permanently outside, you can keep it looking good by applying a little Danish Oil as required, or you can let your sign gently age outside. Being engraved, the text won't wear off.

Dimensions:  11cm x 25cm x 1.8cm approximately