Grandpa's Garden Sign

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These Grandpa signs make great gifts for Grandparents. Perfect for grandchildren to give on Father's Day, for birthdays or to celebrate Grandpa's new secret place.

Grandpa will love his unique sign. each one has different textures and tones. After cutting the slate by hand, we treat it with danish oil then engrave through the finish, leaving the engraved area in its natural state. As it is engraved, the text won't peel.

We then finish the sign with a galvanised steel rope which won't rust or rot. Being flexible, the steel rope is also easier for you to hang than solid wire hangers.

Choose the options from the drop down boxes. We make slate signs for Grandpa's Garden, Greenhouse, and Grandpa's Shed. You can also choose Grandpa's Workshop.

If you want to personalise your sign for Grandpa, perhaps adding a grandchild's name, such as 'Grandpa and Lily's Hideaway', Choose one of my personalised signs and create your own unique sign.


Dimensions:  10cm x 25cm approximately