Granny's Garden Sign engraved in Slate

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Granny will love one of these beautiful engraved slate signs. Our individually made carden signs make extra special gifts for Mother's Day or for a special Birthday.

The Grandchildren will love giving Granny this beautiful engraved sign for her garden or greenhouse on Christmas morning. It is made from slate which, being a natural product, means that each sign is different, with different hues and tones.

I finish the sign with a galvanised steel wire rope hanger, making it easy to hang and move around the garden with the changing seasons.

Each piece of slate is cleaned then hand cut and treated with danish oil to give it a soft sheen. I then engrave through the finish, leaving the engraved area in its natural state.

We have lots of different signs for Granny to choose from, including Granny's Garden or Granny's Greenhouse.  For the creative granny, we even have Granny's workshop! These signs are a lovely way for Granny to welcome her visitors to her special place.


Dimensions:  10cm x 25cm approximately