Engraved Oak Co-ordinate Sign

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A charming gift for newly-weds, new home owners or perhaps to celebrate a child's birth.

All three lines of this sign can be personalised so you can make it completely unique to you. We have engraved 'FIRST CHRISTMAS' for the top line, but you might choose 'MAKING MEMORIES' or perhaps 'REMEMBER THIS' or even 'NO PLACE LIKE HOME'

If you know the co-ordinate for your special place, that's great. Just enter the co-ordinate when ordering your special sign and we will engrave them. If you don't, simply give us the name and full address of your special place including postcode, and we'll work out the co-ordinate for you.

You can also personalise the bottom line of your sign with up to 10 characters and spaces. You may opt for a year, a date, for example 25.10.1995, or a word, for example 'MEMORIES' or 'AMAZING'.

This sign would make a special fifth year wedding anniversary gift, housewarming present, or a reminder of a special occasion - a holiday or a precious moment in time.

We engrave your special words deeply into the oak and then apply natural oils to feed and protect the wood. We add an inset keyhole slot to the back of your sign so your oak plaque can sit on a shelf or can be hung flush against a wall.

We gift wrap your sign in tissue paper with a ribbon and gift card.

We don't use Sellotape, so you can take a sneaky peep at your sign then re-wrap your sign without tearing the paper!

dimensions: 11cm x 30cm x 1.8cm approximately