'Port To The Left' Serving Board

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This sail shaped oak serving board or cheeseboard will make a lovely addition to the dining table.

We have designed it in our own workshop to resemble the shape of a sail and have precision-engraved it with the words 'Port to the Left' a lovely play on words. It is made from a solid piece of oak and finished with danish oil.

The sailing inspired board is an unusual gift for the sailing enthusiast, for people who love the sea and cheese and port lovers. It would make an unusual present for a special birthday or wedding.

The board can be used to serve cheese or snacks or can be used as a bread board or chopping board.

Use the engraved side of the board for serving, or use the reverse side for chopping and keep the engraved side in its pristine condition for display when not in use. This board is designed to stand upright on a solid surface so it makes a stylish ornament on a shelf or window sill when not in use.

Dimensions:  35cm x 18cm x 2cm approx