This Moment Cast Plaster Plaque

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A beautiful plaque which celebrates the importance of the here and now. Give as a housewarming gift, engagement or wedding gift, or to remind someone that whatever uncertainties there are, this moment, right here, right now is all that matters.

We send the plaque in a box which fits easily through a letterbox, making it an ideal letterbox gift during social distancing.

We cast these plaques in our little workshop, firstly creating a mould by engraving the design into a a piece of oak. The finished cast plaque bears slight patterns of the wood grain and small indentations left by the engraving process, adding character to the smooth plaster.

WE engrave the phrase'Right here. Right now.' and highlight it with a grey wash.

The plaque has a sawtooth hook on the back so it can be hung on a wall, or it can be placed on a shelf or mantlepiece, gently reminding the observer that it is this moment, right her, right now that counts.


Dimensions:  30cm x 11cm 1.8cm approximately. Weighs approximately 800g